More Matchbook Covers

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On this page, I will take you through seven more matchbooks, so please be prepared for a slightly longer download time.

inside over of The Tides Motel, Chicago  We will begin with the Tides Motel. At your left, you will see its interior view, with some great printing on the matches.   matchbook of Tops Drive In, Chicago  I believe this little gem is the precursor of Bob's Big Boy, as the interior says "Home of the Big Boy Hamburger" and of course you must recognize the little guy on the front.

matchbook of Sam Byrd's California Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
My Mom gave me several interesting matchbooks from her visits to Las Vegas. Thanks to Brett Elliott for confirming that this casino still exists. It opened in 1975, and apparently that's about the time this matchbook was made.
matchbook of Smoke House BBQ, on Route 66, Albuquerque
This is one of the few matchbooks I have that list Route 66 as its address. Interestingly, many of the older matchbooks list as many as 4 highways that they rest on because, in the pre-interstate days, highways ran north/south and east/west, converging in larger cities.

matchbook of Rushmore State Bank, South Dakota
My Mother dated the inside of this matchbook October 16, 1963, from her road trip through the west (she was actually moving from Buffalo, New York to Phoenix, Arizona, but took the extremely long way).
matchbook of the Flamingo Capri Motel, Las Vegas
Again, thanks to Brett Elliott for correcting me on my somewhat faulty histories. This motel became the Imperial Palace in 1979.


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