Matchbook Covers

A few years ago, my mother gave me her collection of matchbooks which she has been collecting since the 1950s. She was quite the traveler then; the collection is a staggering tribute to the days of martinis in cocktail lounges, nightclubs, and motels along Route 66. I will guide you through a few of the matchbooks as best I can, with as much history detailed as I know. I have split them onto several pages to save download time.

matchbook of Bourbon Street, 936 No. Rush, Chicago  From the time when telephone numbers had exchanges. This club was located on the famous Rush Street in Chicago, sometime long ago, when people drank and smoked without fear while being entertained by Bob Scobey and his Frisco Band.  matchbook of the Polo Lounge, Beverly Hills Hotel  When I think of the Polo Lounge, I think of Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton in "American Gigolo". When my mother was there, sipping her martini in the famous Beverly Hills Hotel lounge, I doubt Mr. Gere was even in kindergarden.

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